Sample requirements for library preparation

DNA starting material

RNA starting material

Lysate starting material

Ready to run Samples (samples after library preparation)


Sample submission process

A. Fill in a request by clicking on Start a Project. After receiving your request, we will contact you to discuss your project.

B. After discussion, you will receive a price offer for the relevant services (external users) or we will guide you to open Internal Services order (Weizmann users).

C. Once you have placed an order and are ready for submission of your samples, please follow the next steps:


  1. Download the relevant sample submission Excel form:
  2. Fill in the details in the submission Excel form. Note, some fields are mandatory (marked in *). 
  3. Test your Submission form here to ensure it passes validation. If needed, correct any mistakes and re-test.
  4. Email the validated submission Excel form to Include any additional documents (Tapestation/Bioanalyzer, plate map, etc.). You will receive an automated email that your forms have been accepted.
  5. The Genomics team will go over your files and contact you to coordinate sample drop-off.
  6. Further instructions for delivery of the samples are found here.


D. For any question, contact our Genomics unit 089345168

E. Good luck!


* Please note that samples submitted and the resulting materials will be saved for up to 1 year after which the INCPM will no longer be held responsible for them.