The Crown Institute for Genomics Platform provides NGS (Next-Generation Sequencing) services for samples prepared by the Platform or for libraries submitted by external users.

Library preparation

The Crown Institute for Genomics supports a wide range of library preparation protocols and sequencing options.
In addition to standard Illumina kits, we developed and offer high quality in-house protocols for major applications at a reduced cost.


  • PolyA-based capturing
  • Ribosomal depleted RNA
  • Total RNA
  • Ultra low total RNA (10pg-10ng)
  • Stranded total RNA / mRNA
  • Small RNA (stranded, 17-22bp)
  • RNA-Seq from FFPE



  • Whole Genome Sequencing
  • PCR-Free



  • Fragmented DNA or amplicons < 500bp


Single Cell

  • Smart-Seq2 (whole transcript) – Fimone Picelli et al, Nature Protpcols (2014)



We sequence libraries that were prepared in our facility libraries or prepared by the researcher (i.e. ready-to-run).

We offer a variety of sequencing instruments:

  • NextSeq 500 HO – 400M reads per run
  • NexSeq 500 MO – 130M reads per run
  • HiSeq 2500 – 200M reads per run
  • MiSeq – 1M, 4M, 12M, 20M reads per run