The Ilana and Pascal Mantoux Institute for Bioinformatics supports integrated data analysis from all units within the Grand-INCPM.

We can also analyse a wide range of NGS data from other facilities and/or public repositories.


  • Quantification of gene expression.
  • Differential expression and splicing.
  • Pathway enrichment including a unique collaboration with GeneCards®.

Variant Calling

  • Whole genome or whole exome.
  • Structural variants and copy number variations (CNVs).
  • Germline and Somatic.

Single Cell RNA-Seq

  • UMI based (e.g. 10x Genomics) or whole transcript (e.g. SMARTseq2).
  • Clustering and visualization of cell populations.
  • Differential expression.

Bacterial genome assembly

  • Assembly of bacterial genomes and plasmids.
  • Combining long and short reads.
  • Annotation and protein prediction.

Custom applications

Cannot find a desired application?
We support tailored analyses. Examples: RRBS Methylation, transcriptome assembly, variant calling from RNA-Seq and other custom analyses.