• Check concentration and quality of samples using Qubit and (in the case of RNA) Nanodrop.
  • Check fragments length using Bioanalyzer or Tapestation. Do not use Bioanalyzer and Tapestation for concentration measurement.
  • For detailed requirements about each type of sample – see Sample requirements for library preparation.
  • Samples may be submitted in tubes or plates.
  • Tubes - Use only 1.7 ml Eppendorf tubes. Write the name of the sample clearly on the side of the tube. Ensure that the name on the tube is identical to the name in the submission Excel sheet.
  • Plates - May be used only in case of:
    A. G-INCPM mRNA seq library prep - In this case, use 96 well plates. The plate should be sealed with cover resistant to -80C and dry ice. Please fill the plate in columns. Each well should contain 60 μl of 20 ng/μl Total RNA. Load the samples in the plate from column 1 A to H until column 12 A to H.
    B. Full-length RNA-seq using Smart-seq2 - In this case use 384 well plates (Twin.tec PCR Plate 384, 25/pk, Colorless, Eppendorf, cat# 0030128.508). Seal the plate with cover resistant to -80C and dry ice.
  • Send the submission form together with Bioanalyzer/Tapestation results to INCPM.samples@weizmann.ac.il.
  • We will contact you in order to coordinate sample submission.
  • You will be notified once your sequencing data is ready or if there is an issue that needs to be addressed.