“Ready to Run” samples are a library or pool of libraries sent for sequencing only.

  • Ready to run should be submitted as one unified pool only (we do not pool individual libraries).
  • Please submit a pooled library in a 1.7 ml tube labelled correctly.
  • Please provide the Bioanalyzer or TapeStation results (pdf) of your final library pool.
  • Important: please note that the user is responsible for supplying a suitable Ready to Run library. The Genomics unit will not be held responsible for sequencing bias or low complexity regions due to self-made libraries.
  • When sequencing new libraries or in cases in which library is not clean, we highly recommend to perform qPCR to evaluate the actual molarity of the library (for example by using


For NovaSeq6000:

For SP, S1 kits: please submit a minimum of 105 μl of 1.8 nM pool.

For an S2 kit: please submit a minimum of 155 μl of 1.8 nM pool.

For an S4 kit: please submit a minimum of 315 μl of 1.8 nM pool.


For Nextseq/Miseq

Please submit a minimum of 20 μl of a 4 nM pool.