• “Ready to Run” samples are a library or pool of libraries prepared by the users, and sent for sequencing only. The requirements are:
  • Please submit 20 μl of 10 nM library in a 1.7 ml tube.
  • Please provide the Bioanalyzer or TapeStation results (pdf).
  • For 10nM library concentration calculation please click here.
  • Ready to Run libraries have the chance of carrying a strong sequence- or base-specific bias as well as low complexity regions. Further, suboptimal adaptor ligation or enrichment steps might generate a large number of constructs, which may not allow for successful clustering of the entire sequence on the flowcell. Be aware, that the submitter is responsible for supplying a suitable Ready to Run sample. The Genomics Unit cannot be held responsible for any decrease in yield due to sequence biases or low complexity regions, nor is the Unit responsible for intrinsic problems of self-made libraries.