Amount And Volume

Sample preparation options DNA Amount Sample volume (μl)
INCPM DNA seq 100ng 5-25 μl
INCPM ChIP seq* 2 - 20ng 5-40 μl
RRBS** 100-300ng Up to 35μl

* For library prepartion from PCR products, please share with us a gel image or a Tapestation of the PCR product submitted

** Samples for RRBS must be measured by Qubit and purity should be evaluated by measuring OD


  • Please submit at least twice the amount from that noted in the table.
  • If more than 16 samples are submitted, bring all samples to the same concentration in a v-shaped 96-well plate (PCR plate, column wise).

  • Please add extra volume to enable accurate pippettation.
  • DNA samples produced by PCR reactions (amplicons) will be accepted only following DNA purification.
  • DNA after immunoprecipitation for ChIP-seq has to be treated with RNase and proteinase K, followed by cleanup and resuspension with Tris or DDW. EDTA is not allowed.


DNA submission criteria

Quality parameters DNA
OD260/280 ≥ 1.8
OD260/230 ≥ 2




  • Note that the user is responsible for the results in case the samples submitted do not match the specifications above, or do not meet the criteria of the chosen lab procedure.