de Botton Institute for Protein Profiling

Sample preparation

Please consult with us at the experimental design stage. So if you are interested in initiating a project please enter a Projecct Request.

The following information is general and may change from time to time.

Sample submission process

We need 4 things to be done prior to sending us samples:

  1. Enter a Projecct Request.
  2. An order in Internal Services for Weizmann users or a work order for all other users (based on a quotation from us provided by
  3. A detailed sample preparation protocol. We will not run samples without it.
  4. Sample submission form that includes the names of the samples as they are written on the vials/tubes we will receive from you.

Sample Submission Form

Sample preparation recommendations

Co-IP and Pulldown Whole cell/tissue lysate Global PTM analysis Biofluids Gel Bands