de Botton Institute for Protein Profiling


How long does the analysis take?

Answer: Our instruments run samples 24/7 continuously including holidays and weekends. Occasionally they are down for maintenance or troubleshooting. Current average turnaround time is 22 days from submission of samples to receiving the data. Occasionally it takes longer in cases such as complex experiments or due to technical reasons.

What is included in a typical analysis?

Answer: We perform the sample preparation, LC-MS/MS analysis and data processing. Pathway analysis is not included.

What proteomic coverage can you reach?

Answer: From mammalian cells and tissue, we can identify and quantify between 2,000 to 9,000 proteins depending on the type of analysis and amount of extracted protein.

What is the best Co-IP method for investigation of protein-protein interactions?

Answer: Please refer to these guidelines. In our experience, the FLAG system using anti-FLAG antibodies produces the least non-specific binding and the best results.  However we have worked with His, HA, GST, biotin-streptavidin tags as well as antibodies against the endogenous bait.

Please consult with us at the experimental design stage.

How much protein is required for analysis?

Answer: this various depending on the application. For whole lysates, we can work with extracts from 3e5 cells or more.