Medicinal Chemistry

NMR: Access to multiple high field NMR spectrometers in the Weizmann Chemistry Department

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a powerful spectroscopic technique that provides information about the structural and chemical properties of molecules. NMR is one of the few non-destructive methods for analyzing structure and molecular dynamics. The High-Resolution NMR Lab, housed in the Magnetic Resonance Unit, comprises four high-resolution spectrometers ranging from 300-800 MHz.
The UltraShield Bruker AvanceIII-300 spectrometer is an open-access facility offered mainly to members of the Organic Chemistry department and is used primarily for routine identification and standard work with small organic molecules.

The Bruker AvanceIII-400 and AV-500 spectrometers mainly serve scientists in the Department of Organic Chemistry and provide a modern facility for their analyses, including diffusion experiments and studies of nuclei in the low-frequency range.

The 800 MHz high-resolution spectrometer (Bruker) provides access to the highest magnetic field currently available in Israel, enabling state-of-the-art high-resolution multi-dimensional experiments for specialized biologically oriented research. This AvanceIII-800 spectrometer is equipped with a 5mm TCI CryoProbe to further increase its sensitivity.