Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Institute for Drug Discovery

Molecular Devices ImagExpress microXL

  • Adjustable field-of-view focuses on sample area most appropriate for your assay
  • Widest selection (> 25) of objectives
  • 1x to 100x magnification
  • 0.05 to 0.95 numerical aperture (NA), air
  • Air objectives with 1.4 NA available for research imaging
  • Highly robust 100 nm resolution voice coil-driven X, Y, and Z stages enables:
  • Capture of intricate sub-cellular features across images
  • Monitoring of long structures (e.g.neurons) across high-resolution tiled or stitched images
  • Repeatability during multi-day time-lapse experiments
  • Multi-day, live cell time-lapse imaging
  • Select appropriate atmospheric conditions (e.g.5% or 10% CO2)
  • Temperature to mimic physiological environment (30–40°C ± 0.5°C)
  • Control humidity and minimize evaporation (0.5 μL/well/hour for 96- or 384-well formats)
  • Fast laser autofocus
  • 1x-40x Nikon objectives
  • 4-position automated objective changer
  • 5-position automated filter cube changer, configurable for specific fluorescent dyes and histochemical stains
  • Fully automated X-Y sample stage and Z focus stage with resolution greater than 100 nm