Information Technology


Information Technology

The Information Technology Platform possesses enabling-technologies that are integrated into a seamless organization with strong ties to academic and clinical researchers, thus creating scientific momentum that extends beyond technological boundaries. It provides resources to support high-end computing across a broad range of domains. Our goal is to enable researchers to leverage our technologies to reduce time to discovery and move their science forward.


  • Create the IT vision and long term strategy according to the G-INCPM’s mission.
  • Build a strong Information Technology capability.
  • Evolve core operating mechanisms and communications.
  • Ensure stable and reliable critical infrastructure.
  • Introduce new business support tools via new programs to support G- INCPM operations.

High level Infrastructure Design

  • SGI UV2000 GPU Super computer.
  • High volume storage (2.5 petabyte on-line).
  • High performance computing cluster (340 CPU, 2.6TB RAM, 20 compute nodes).
  • Wide (private cloud) virtual environment (160 CPU core, 1.5 TB RAM).
  • Ultra-fast & scalable Backbone network.
  • Internal G-INCPM research platforms (Proteomics, Bioinformatics, HTS, Genomics and Medicinal Chemistry).