Information Technology

XIV Enterprise Storage System

BM XIV® is a high-end, grid-scale storage system that excels in tuning-free consistent performance, extreme ease of use, and exceptional data economics including inline, field-proven IBM Real-time Compression™. It is ideal for hybrid cloud, offering predictable service levels for dynamic workloads, simplified scale management including in multi-tenant environments, flexible consumption models — and robust cloud automation and orchestration through OpenStack, RESTful API, and VMware. It offers security and data protection through hot encryption, advanced mirroring and self-healing, and provides investment protection with perpetual licensing that is unattached to a specific XIV system. Industry benchmarks underscore stellar XIV performance and cost benefits.


  • Built for enterprise availability
  • XIV offers field-proven five- nines availability3 and is designed for continuous operation without interruption to data access:
  • Redundancy: Full active-active N+1 redundancy of all key components—disks, modules, switches, host connectivity and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units; hot-swappable
  • High availability and disaster recovery: Asynchronous mirroring; synchronous mirroring including offline initialization; three-site mirroring with concurrent, synchronized copies of data
  • Encryption: Data-at- rest encryption; self-encrypting hard drives (SEDs); nondisruptive hot-encryption in minutes
  • High rebuild speed: A 6 TB drive rebuilds in less than an hour on average, as XIV uses all disks at once—and even uses spare system resources upon detecting I/O idle time—and rebuilds written data only
  • Preventive health: Continuous monitoring of components, with self-healing activated as needed; returns to full redundancy without human intervention
  • Smart maintenance and hot upgrades: Live maintenance to avoid downtime planning; nondisruptive software upgrades; disk/module maintenance when data is fully redundant; nondisruptive addition of new modules to scale up XIV capacity
  • Reliable backup and recovery: Host-based application programming interfaces; Microsoft Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service support; fast, application-aware backup and restore with IBM Spectrum Control™; near-instant spaceefficient snapshots with IBM Spectrum Protect™
  • Compression: Nondisruptive conversion of any volume from a non-compressed state to a compressed state, or vice-versa