Information Technology


Key Features:

  • Time wise: expected to take four months from start.
  • Allocated space: 14 Racks Net.
  • Power consumption: capped at 100 – 150 kW for the facility.
  • UPS: 2 Units of 100KVA N+2 redundancy.
  • Generator: 300 KVA with 10 Hours Fuel.
  • Climate Control: N+1 Configuration.
  • Fire extinguishing system.
  • Remote Monitoring and alarm system.


General Description

  • Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC) 'All in one' solution provides a fully functional Data Center inside a regular ISO 40” High Cube container with complete infrastructure including: cooling, power, structural protection, fire protection, monitoring, access control, etc., achieving a total plug and play solution within a secure environment design, comprising a modular and flexible approach at the lowest PUE.
  • PMDC designed for 90KW IT load and capable of accommodating cooling equipment in N+1 configuration (7+1 DX units 14.5kw each), 2 electrical distribution boards, extinguishing system, two 100kva UPS units and 14 conventional racks in a 40’ container with a range of average densities at 6.4kW/rack.
  • In order to use maximum useful space inside container it will be installed a rack guiding system to allow displacement depending on necessities at each moment. Data Center Container is a portable and modular solution for a high level of flexibility inside limited areas.
  • APC/IBM solution for PMDC includes APC/AR3100 600x1070x2000mm or equivalent. This rack has been designed for installations where security and stability are very important factors to consider.
  • All racks will have a tray in each side (right and left) installed in its inside structure. These trays will be used for power cabling and data cabling separately.
  • Every rack will have installed 2 PDU for 3.5kw (9 racks) or 11kw (5 racks) - Out: C13, 36: C19, 6.