Ilana and Pascal Mantoux Institute for Bioinformatics

Our Services

We analyze a wide range of standard NGS applications and consistantly develop and improve our pipelines to achive more efficient and accurate analysis.

Below is a listing of the main applications we currently support and some of our projects currently "under-development."

  • ChIP-seq
    • Detection of binding sites for Transcription factors, Histone marks and Proteins
    • Detection of differential binding sites
  • RRBS Bisulfite Methylation
    • Estimation of Methylation levels at a single nucleotide resolution
  • RNA-seq
    • Whole transcriptome analysis for differential expression
    • De novo transcriptome assembly
    • single cell RNA-seq (Under development)
  • Small RNA
    • Quantifying the expression of small RNA molecules (Under development)
  • DNA-seq
    • Whole genome/exome variant detection (SNPs, INDELs)
      • Mammalian genomes, cancer genomes, rare variants detection, common variants annotation
    • Variant calling in populations
      • Variant frequency estimates and comparison across populations/time-points
    • Detection of Copy Number Variations and other Structural Variants (Under development)
    • Variant detection in RNA-seq data (Under development)

In addition, we offer integrative analysis for experiments involving several applications or several technologies.

For example:

  • Detecting the influence of binding sites on expression using ChIP-seq and RNA-seq data
  • Combining the profiling of proteins with variant detection using mass spectrometry and DNA-seq data

We can also provide downstream analysis in order to facilitate the search for biological insights and interpret the results.

We encourage researchers to actively participate in the analysis of their data,  particularly in downstream analysis in which biological insights are the main focus. Scientists are welcome to join us at selected stages of the analysis and take an active part in the workflow.