Crown Institute for Genomics



The goal of the Crown Institute for Genomics is to become a leading genome center that uses cutting edge technologies and innovative methods to promote basic and advanced medical research in Israel through various scientific collaborations.


The Crown Institute for Genomics platform provides next-generation sequencing (NGS) services using the Illumina technology platform, and sample preparation using in-house and various commercial protocols. We offer a modular, but all-inclusive, service starting from project design, and including consultation over sample preparation type, sequencing and data analysis in our bioinformatics platform. Aiming to become more than a service provider, we strive to collaborate with researchers from academia, hospitals and industry in accordance with the vision established by the Nancy & Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine.
A key component of the Crown Institute for Genomics platform’s efforts is dedicated to the development of new in-house protocols. We are also implementing in-house protocols from other researchers at the Weizmann Institute, and from collaborators around the world. The platform is investing significant effort to adjust manual protocols to automated ones, in order to generate high throughput, reproducible samples.

Combining in-house protocols and automation will significantly reduce overall costs, time and human resources.


This infographic represents the general workflow of the Crown Institute for Genomics platform in conjunction with the Bioinformatics platform: