Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Institute for Drug Discovery


The Maurice And Vivienne Wohl Institute For Drug Discovery HTS (High Throughput Screening) Platform acts as a nationally accessible central resource, open to qualified Israeli researchers at universities, research institutes and biopharmaceutical companies. It provides screening in support of their needs to identify research tools in order to support biomedical discovery and therapeutic and prophylactic molecules.


We maintain and work with 90,000 diverse compounds, bioactive molecules and known drugs to enable Systems Pharmacology and probe discovery.The HTS Platform is capable of screening the entire compound library against cellular and/or biochemical assays during a screening campaign, or alternatively, scree subsets of the library per request. The facility is organized to meet the needs expressed by the Weizmann Institute scientific community, researchers from other academic organizations, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies. These needs range from high-throughput screening of chemical compounds on complex cellular readouts, to functional testing of a limited subset of molecules in doses or combinations in a defined model, to supporting medicinal chemistry on an existing compound associated with the need to develop an appropriate bioassay.

Entry Points for Collaborators

This above infographic describes the stages at which a project can be initiated with us. A project can result in a “hit” or handful of “hits” with the potential to serve as chemical probes for hypothesis verification and validation.  Further improvement on the compound activity may be derived by purchasing additional compounds based on the initial “hit” chemical structure.  Further improvement of such a “hit” would require medicinal chemistry efforts for “hit optimization”, a process not yet in place within G-INCPM