de Botton Institute for Protein Profiling


We developed a novel method for de novo protein sequencing, called Database Independent Protein Sequecing (DiPS), published in MCP, 2017.



Sequencing of unknown proteins such as antibodies or constituents of metaproteomes remains a challenging problem. To date, there is no available method for full-length protein sequencing, independent of a reference database, in high throughput.

Our method is used for unambiguous, database-independent, full-length protein sequencing. The method is a novel combination of non-enzymatic, semi-random cleavage of the protein, LC-MS/MS analysis, peptide de novo sequencing, extraction of peptide tags, and their assembly into a consensus sequence using an algorithm named “Peptide Tag Assembler.”

Please see our paper published in MCP 2017


Sample Preparation





The pTA executable is avaiable here:

Version 1.0.1