Ilana and Pascal Mantoux Institute for Bioinformatics


Scientific innovation over the past twenty years, driven to a great extent by the Human Genome Project, has produced unprecedented biological research capabilities. Most notably, scientists can now conduct large-scale, comprehensive explorations of biological content—be it sequencing whole genomes (~3 billion base pairs in a human cell nucleus), profiling a cell’s protein population (~20,000 variants in a human cell), screening tens of thousands of potential drugs, and so on. The need to efficiently and accurately analyze the reams of intricate information that modern, large-scale basic, preclinical, and clinical studies generate has led to an unprecedented growth in the need for bioinformatics analysis.


Bioinformatics denotes the interdisciplinary study of biological and medical data using computational tools. This merger of biology and computing has become a major driving force in biological investigation worldwide and is set to be a corner stone of research, for current and future in  the life sciences disciples.

Our Goals

The biological scientific community is a diverse network of researchers with varying levels of interest and knowledge in the numerous aspects of biological investigations and the analysis process. This means that there is no “one size fits all” solution that can be utilized by the entire community. In addition, the spectrum of questions tackled and experimental results requiring analysis varies tremendously from one research field to another.

The G-INCPM Bioinformatics Platform aims to address that diversity and will provide support for computational analysis on several levels:

Analysis As A Service


Continuing our well established tradition, the platform provides analysis of data, working closely with researchers on exciting, uncommon and vital questions. Our analysis team will utilize state-of-the-art analysis tools and infrastructure built within the platform as well as publicly available tools.

Pipeline interface

For mainstream analysis the bioinformatics team will provide access to standard pipelines, utilizing our bioinformatics expertise and the computational resources of the G-INCPM infrastructure. We will make selected pipelines available through our web portal, enabling both data access (upload and download) and grid access.


As the most basic layer, we will provide the computing power and environment required for analysis. High performance cluster and storage array hosting various analysis and visualization tools will be made available to all collaborating scientists.

In-house Software Development

Our team of software developers aims to provide the following solutions:

Automate Analysis Pipelines

Once an analysis process is defined by one of our analysts, it can be automated and re-used in similar projects.

Provide Custom Solutions

For a majority of our tasks and pipelines, we make use of applications developed and maintained by the Bioinformatics community. However, some cases require a custom solution to be developed by our team.

Expose Our Capabilities

We also see the benefit in exposing some of the pipelines and applications developed in-house to our customers and other Bioinformaticians. Sharing code and tools is a great way to get feedback and improve our internal capabilities.

Digitize Our Labs

Our Genomics, Protein Profiling and Drug Discovery labs all require a LIMS to manage lab work, track samples, etc. Our team customizes commercial tools, such as Sapio Sciences' Exemplar LIMS, according to the needs of each lab.